401(K) Rollover

401k rollover

Leave your job but your retirement money was left behind? Sierra Financial is here to help!


You've worked hard to save money through your previous employer's retirement plan. Now that you are changing jobs or making a complete career change, make sure that money is achieving the investment objectives you want. Contact us today for a no-obligation analysis.


Reasons to roll over to an IRA

  1. Expenses Employer retirement plans typically have investment-related expenses and account fees, we can evaluate your current portfolio and provide solutions to minimize these fees while matching your investment objectives.
  2. Investment Options - You generally have more investment choices with an IRA than with an employer plan. Rolling these funds lets you freely move your money and divide your balance among more investment choices.
  3. Consolidation Do you have more than one retirement plan chasing you? Stop wasting time monitoring multiple “nest-eggs”. By placing these funds in one account we can help ensure your investments are properly diversified.
  4. Flexibility - You can freely move your IRA dollars among different IRA trustees/custodians. Unlike indirect (60-day) rollovers between IRAs, which are generally limited to one in any 12-month period. It can also allow you to have IRA accounts with more than one institution for added diversification.
  5. Distributions - An IRA gives you more flexibility with distributions. With an IRA, the timing and amount of distributions are generally at your discretion (until you must start taking required minimum distributions, if applicable).

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck